And just like that, the holiday season is in full swing! It's crazy to think that this year is nearly over, but we are certainly looking forward to eating a whole lot of delicious food during all the upcoming holidays. 

If you're hosting a family (or friends!) gathering for the holidays this year, we have some great recipe ideas for you to try that will impress all of your guests and have them coming back for seconds... and thirds if there is any left! 

Regardless of what holiday you'll be celebrating, be sure to gather together and celebrate with some delicious, homemade dishes.

de Buyer Copper Round Pan - thanksgiving side dishes

spectacular starters 

Like most people, we absolutely love potatoes in any shape or form, whether they are baked, fried, sauteed or anything else! And we have some show-stopping potato recipes for you to serve up as sides or starters during your holiday get togethers.

If you start your guests off with these Truffle Potatoes with Porcini Mushrooms, your feast is bound to be a success. With the deliciously earthy, umami flavors of the truffle and the porcini mushrooms, this dish will perfectly complement any meat dishes served alongside of it. 

We made this one in our MINERAL B PRO Carbon Steel Country Fry Pan, so you can start the potatoes off on the stove and finish them off in the oven for some extra crisp and crunch before adding the finishing touches of herbs and garnishes.
cornbread in de Buyer Mineral B PRO Carbon Steel Fry Pan
In other potato news... Latkes! A Hannukah classic and an absolute must-have. These can be served up as a side or starter, but they are delicious enough to be a main dish as well. Just don't forget the sour cream and applesauce! 

Try our Potato Latkes recipe this year for Hannukah - but be sure to fry them up in a well-seasoned MINERAL B Carbon Steel Crepe Pan, or an AFFINITY Stainless Steel Fry Pan for a beautiful golden-brown color and deliciously crispy edges.

And pro tip: use a Revolution Mandoline to thinly slice up the potatoes quickly and easily. 
You can't have a dinner party without a proper charcuterie board... or should we say, a festive charcute-wreath! Sweet and savory elements are crucial - imagine a creamy brie with some fresh jam. 

So, while you're choosing your assortment of cheeses and crackers, don't forget to add some sweetness! Take your charcuterie up a notch with some fresh, homemade Mixed Berry Jam. The best part is, you can use seasonal fruits and berries, or swap them out for your favorites! 

It'll add an artisanal touch to any cheese board. The secret is to make the reduction in an AFFINITY Stainless Steel Rounded Sauté Pan or Saucepan thanks to its incredible temperature control. 

magnificant mains

Depending on what holiday you're celebrating, or even just your family's traditions or preferences the main dishes will likely differ. Many households abstain from eating meat on Christmas Eve, and instead have an array of fish dishes to choose from. 

That is where Chef David Denis' recipe for Red Snapper Provençal takes the spotlight. Whether you're whipping up individual portions or wowing the crowd with the whole fish, you can serve up restaurant quality food when you make this recipe in a MINERAL B PRO Carbon Steel Fry Pan to give it that nice, crispy skin. 

homemade cranberry sauce in INOCUIVRE Tradition Copper Sauce Pan

Once the clock strikes midnight, Christmas Day is upon us, and Christmas dinner is near! Swap out the standard old Christmas Turkey for this elevated Pistachio and Pear Stuffed Turkey that is sure to impress. 

Depending on the size of your turkey, pair it with a de Buyer AFFINITY Stainless Steel Roasting Pan, or a PRIMA MATERA Copper Braiser to take it out of the oven and serve it right up. And for the sauce, grab a gravy boat... or don't and serve it in a beautiful copper saucepan to match.

Of course, we can't forget about Hannukah Dinner! There are eight nights of Hannukah, and at least of them must include this Hannukah Brisket recipe from Food & Wine for some tender and juicy deliciousness. 

Like for the turkey, our AFFINITY Stainless Steel Roasting Pan is the perfect tool to make this brisket absolutely amazing thanks to its deep sides that'll contain all the braising juices, especially when cooking for a crowd. 

For more intimate gatherings, try the AFFINITY Stainless Steel Braiser that was literally made for dishes like this. Or if you're not in the mood for brisket, you can instead make Chef David's Beef Tenderloin recipe using the same pan. In either case, your guests will certainly be satisfied. 

delicious desserts

Making holiday cookies has never been easier! If you're using de Buyer's LE TUBE Pastry Press, that comes with 13 different cookie discs, you can put the rolling pin and those old cookie cutters back in the cupboard because you can skip that extra work! 

Whether you're baking for your office's cookie exchange or preparing the arrival of a certain someone down the chimney on Christmas night, LE TUBE will be your handy little helper to make festive holiday treats. 

Try using it to make some tasty Christmas Shortbread Cookies, or some classic Gingerbread Sprtiz Cookies, using the various cookie discs to pipe them into the shapes of trees, wreaths, and more! Not to mention, it'll be a fun family activity to get together and decorate them and let the creativity flow. 

Whether you're hosting for the holidays, attending office party potlucks, or just having an intimate dinner at home this holiday season - any of these recipes made with de Buyer's high-quality cookware and bakeware are bound to earn you some brownie points! 

apple spice cake made with de Buyer Perforated Round Tart & Pie mold


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